2014-09-22 08.47.01Twenty years ago when I interviewed to become a school based leader, I was asked to reflect on indicators of success. I noted that the people principle – the way we treat others so that people feel valued and inspired – would be the greatest indicator of my success.

Ron Willingham in The People Principle uses the analogy of a symphony to capture the unlimited potential of people. He states that mere sheets of music do not a symphony make. Beautiful music becomes the product of artists who master their own roles under the direction of skilled, positive and enthusiastic leadership.

The fact that one possesses leadership attributes does not a successful principal make.  A great school is the product of an administrator who works well with staff to bring together the instruments of talent, knowledge, experience, interests and goals that when played in harmony, produce the sweet music of trust, respect, collaboration and positive morale amongst staff, students and parents.

If the people principle is alive in schools, it not only unleashes unending potential of individuals that impacts the collective, but it’s a great place to be for all stakeholders — most especially, students!

Have a great day!


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