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Your Time Investment is the Greatest Gift You Can Offer Your Child

For years, I’ve informed parents that in educating children the school is 1/3 responsible, the child is 1/3 responsible and the family is 1/3 responsible.  Yes, that’s what I said.  Therefore, when children are at school, the school has 2/3s responsibility and when children are at home, the home has 2/3s responsibility.  At each location, a piece of the puzzle is missing and that’s why the connection between home and school is critical.  Schools can not educate a child in isolation of the home.

That’s why parents are their child’s first and most important teacher.  It begins in the home.

Parents have come to visit me with their worries because they “don’t have time”.  Well . . .


Your time investment is the greatest gift you can offer your child.  Find the time.

Footnote:  I grew up in an immigrant home where my parents did not speak English and could not help me with my homework.  However, my parents expected me to do well and made no excuses for me.  By doing so, they taught me to take responsibility for my learning.  Parents can be their child’s first and most important teacher in many ways.  It’s the school’s responsibility to offer suggestions to families and the family’s responsibility to follow through.