Determined to Succeed

We set up an obstacle course at the playground today.  My six year old son Massimo went first and logged 1:20.5 (one minute, 20.5 seconds).  I went next and logged 1:43.  “Dad” turned in a time of 1:00 flat.  So Massimo enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity to beat his Dad and logged 0:57.  Determined to beat my husband’s time I logged 0:43.  Massimo, without doubt, clocked 0:35.2!

In chatting, Massimo told me that he KNEW he would beat our time.  He said, “I knew I went too slow so I knew I could beat daddy and you.”  I asked if he at least considered that he might not win and he looked at me with curiosity and with conviction said, “No!” (like what a silly question to ask).

Thanks Massimo for reminding me to be determined, without thought of failure.  Because that’s how goals are surpassed.

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