In the Olden Days

imageMy two children, four and seven, keep on asking questions about the “olden days”.  I was responding with pioneers in mind, but they were talking about OUR upbringing.  I’m in my forties and don’t consider my upbringing the “olden days” but then again, I couldn’t explain why not to term my upbringing the “olden days”.

Some of what I answered . . .

Actually, you couldn’t stick your phone in your pocket because telephones were connected to a wall outlet.

Yes, TV existed and some people owned one for their home.  I think there were at least 12 channels — not of all them worked though.  And there certainly weren’t TV’s in restaurants.

I had what was called a typewriter.

No, most people did not have internet (no bother explaining dialup).

Photos were taken and developed in a lab.  It was a luxury to own a camera.  Yes, I know people nowadays carry cameras with them every day.

Add on and on . . .

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