Don’t Look Back

One of my favourite times of the day is bedtime with my son and daughter. It’s amazing how much they open up to us when we take time to cuddle with them, so my husband and I rarely pass up this opportunity. The topic of conversation with my seven year old was a disappointment that he wasn’t letting go. So the conversation was to not look back because it’s out of his control and to look forward where a difference can occur.

I reminded him of the journal we gifted to a few (we kept a digital image because we liked the message). There’s no one to credit as the journal had nothing on it but the price. Funny how a few carefully chosen words can empower and allow a place in which to hang our thoughts.


Be bold. Take risks. Live life freely. Lead by example.

Trust your gut. Say what you feel. Mean what you say.

Express gratitude. Believe in your power. Exceed your expectations.

Dance the night away. Skip down the street. Don’t take no for an answer.

Be your best self. Don’t look back.

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