Dear Div 8 Part 2

Dear Div. 8,
This is my last week in Hawaii. I’m sitting listening to the Canucks game after spending four hours at the beach. I’ve been listening to every Canuck game through an iPhone App called Tunein Radio. This probably is not interesting.

To avoid a whole day of Show and Tell, I am going to Show and Tell here 🙂

I thought the class might want to see a photo of me holding the octopus.


I also wanted to show you how big the sea turtles are. They are huge!



Josh wanted to know what a zebra shark looks like. Here’s the best photo we have.


You might also want to know more about sharks.


I went body surfing and I played with Dad’s surf board. Here I am on a real surf board.


Elizabeth asked if I had seen any bats. No I’m sad I haven’t seen a bat. Would you believe me if I said I saw a dinosaur, Elvis, and a guy eating fire?




The fire guy is the only thing that’s actually real. He was amazing and 10/10 at a show called Magic of Polynesia. The magician made a helicopter appear on stage out of nowhere (and it fit).


I won’t be able to bring 100 shells. Maybe 48. Actually I probably only found about 5.

That’s it for now. See you next week.



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