To Div 3

Hi Class,

I am having a good time in Hawaii so far. I went snorkeling every day except the first day. I saw 4 trumpet fish one was over 1 and a half feet long! We also saw a lizard fish, a cornet fish that camouflaged to hide from my dad, and a bigfin reef squid. You should look them up online.

The first 2 days there was a torrential down pour. It was also very windy. I was standing in the pool in the rain watching the Canucks lose the Heritage Classic on a TV inside a restaurant.

We are in Hawaii with my grandpa and grandma. They are both 87 years old. This is my third trip to Hawaii with grandma and grandpa.

Today we walked to the zoo. I really liked the tortoise that was trying to flip over his friend but he failed to. I also liked the cheetah and the tiger.


Somebody that we didn’t know was having a wedding below our balcony (on the rooftop of another building) so we decided to watch it from our balcony. My mom said it was weird being at a wedding that we weren’t even invited to!

I hope you all have a good day. See you soon.

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