Learning Spaces and Furniture Choices

During school tours, I am asked often of our furniture choices and what furniture companies I recommend.  Here’s a glimpse of some of our furniture, courtesy of Elaine, one of our many visitors.  I have added to the powerpoint to help further showcase our learning space and furniture.

Please click on the following link to load a powerpoint pdf of our learning space with captions:

NRP Learning SpaceNRP Learning Space

Our main suppliers were:  

http://naturalpod.com/ — their natural wood product is extraordinary — the curved square and rectangular tables with benches, the stages, the book bins and the hanging bamboo cloud are Natural Pod products

http://schoolhouseproducts.com/ — where we ordered the Mity Bilt tables — this includes the Nesting Flip Tables and the Conekt Tripod (three pieces combine to make one round table)

https://louisekool.com/ — where we ordered the Portfolio and Paper Mobile Storage Units (the bins that students place their belongings/work in)

https://www.source.ca/ — where we ordered the vary reasonably priced VP/P desks, boardroom furniture, the round tables and the espresso 2 drawer mobile pedestal locking cabinet in the Professional Offices

http://www.heritageoffice.com/ — where we ordered the round coloured carpets and the Mediascape Lounge in the Learning Commons

http://www.gunnarpacific.com/ — where we ordered our soft furnishings

Hope this helps.

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