Personalized Learning and Competencies

In a community of academics (neighbour to a University), it is interesting to say the least when minimizing the coAlbertaEducationFrameworkre subjects and maximizing the core competencies.

To the left is one of our favourite visuals (from Alberta) to use with our parent community as it speaks for itself.

Our team worked with the new BC Ed Plan which does a great job of honouring the core competencies.  We had numerous, ongoing staff discussions and led parent sessions in both English and Chinese on the school philosophy and the importance of the learning competencies. To highlight what was occurring at NRP and to highlight what is happening with the BC Ed Plan, I devised this document to provide a synopsis.  Perhaps this may be of use to you too!

Personalizing Learning and Competencies

A special acknowledgement to a school in UK, Glen Park, who had this fabulous template online which I adapted and altered.  You gotta love how the world helps out!


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