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To Div 10

Aloha to the whole class!

This is Tiana. I’m in Hawaii. I am having a good time.


I love swimming with my grandpa. My dad throws me in the air in the pool and in the ocean and catches me. We do that everyday. I got buried in the sand too.

We went to the zoo. One of my favourite animals is the turtles and the tigers. The turtles were fighting and it was really funny to watch. Tigers are going to be extinct soon if we don’t take care if them. I am very sad. I also liked the orangutans rolling around on the grass.

We went to see the Magic of Polynesia. It’s a magic show. There were so many good tricks.

When I come to class it will be so much fun. Have a good time. See you soon.



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To Div 3

Hi Class,

I am having a good time in Hawaii so far. I went snorkeling every day except the first day. I saw 4 trumpet fish one was over 1 and a half feet long! We also saw a lizard fish, a cornet fish that camouflaged to hide from my dad, and a bigfin reef squid. You should look them up online.

The first 2 days there was a torrential down pour. It was also very windy. I was standing in the pool in the rain watching the Canucks lose the Heritage Classic on a TV inside a restaurant.

We are in Hawaii with my grandpa and grandma. They are both 87 years old. This is my third trip to Hawaii with grandma and grandpa.

Today we walked to the zoo. I really liked the tortoise that was trying to flip over his friend but he failed to. I also liked the cheetah and the tiger.


Somebody that we didn’t know was having a wedding below our balcony (on the rooftop of another building) so we decided to watch it from our balcony. My mom said it was weird being at a wedding that we weren’t even invited to!

I hope you all have a good day. See you soon.

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Dear Child, Remember . . .

My Dear Child,

Remember to remind yourself . . .

“Live your life each day as you would climb a mountain. An occasional glance toward the summit keeps the goal in mind, but many beautiful scenes are to be observed from each new vantage point. Climb slowly, steadily, enjoying each passing moment; and the view from the summit will serve as a fitting climax for the journey.”
-Harold V. Melcher

There is no perfect — just your best. Have you tried your best? Then great! If not, know you can do better. It’s up to you to try.

Right or wrong — you know the difference! You have a choice. Think before you choose an action.  If you choose wrong, take responsibility for the action and move on.  Do not repeat.

Disappointed? There is no use in focussing on the negative. Choose to see the wonderful opportunity that comes next and start on it.

Be happy with your achievements! There is no use comparing your achievements to someone else’s – you’ll miss out on your own!

Focus on your strengths. In life, you are not going to choose a career that highlights your weaknesses!

If you are not smiling, think of something that will make you smile.  Life is much too precious to be stressed out at such a young age.  Don’t grow up too fast.  You’ll be an adult soon enough.





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Have Your Child Experience Disappointment — it’s OK!

“I’ll take complete responsibility for my decision,” my 8 year old told my husband and I one summer morning while we were out on an excursion. Uncertain if he was making the wisest choice, his comment made us smile and we let him experience disappointment.

I usually have two full time jobs – that of a school Principal and that of a mother. While spending six months away from the paid work world, I socialized much with other mom’s and dear friends. Over coffee, I was chatting with a friend who is an educational psychologist about what really matters in child rearing and our conversation landed on disappointment. We all want our children to be happy but one of life’s most valuable lessons is to experience disappointment, learn coping strategies and move on.

I met weekly with a group of moms and everyone has the bear instinct — protect your child at all cost. What parent doesn’t want their child to be happy? If that’s your goal, have them learn to cope with failure.

It is so refreshing when a parent enters my office allowing their child to take responsibility for their mistake, without defending them with phrases like, “My child wouldn’t do that!” or “My child doesn’t lie!”  By defending your child, it only adds pressure for your child not to own up to their mistake and learn from their not so perfect behaviour.

Parents can help their children by allowing them to speak their truth without having to worry about their parent’s judgement and the pressure of being perfect. Have your child experience disappointment. Instead, why not say to your child, “I love you unconditionally. What matters most is that you take responsibility for your actions, learn from mistakes and move on.” A life lesson is to understand that we are not perfect — the earlier your child learns this, the happier he or she will be.

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Early Learning App Recommendations by Category

To all my friends (mommies, daddies and munchkins)  RE:  Early Learning Apps — listed in the following categories:  Readiness Skills, Printing, General Overview Apps, Alphabet/Sound Recognition, Phonics, Spelling, Early Reading, Sight Words, Early Numeracy, Drawing, Music, Science, Create a Digital Story Book, Photo-Video Publishing, Reference Apps, Communication Apps

Early Learning App Recommendations by Rosa

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Dear Div 8 Part 2

Dear Div. 8,
This is my last week in Hawaii. I’m sitting listening to the Canucks game after spending four hours at the beach. I’ve been listening to every Canuck game through an iPhone App called Tunein Radio. This probably is not interesting.

To avoid a whole day of Show and Tell, I am going to Show and Tell here 🙂

I thought the class might want to see a photo of me holding the octopus.


I also wanted to show you how big the sea turtles are. They are huge!



Josh wanted to know what a zebra shark looks like. Here’s the best photo we have.


You might also want to know more about sharks.


I went body surfing and I played with Dad’s surf board. Here I am on a real surf board.


Elizabeth asked if I had seen any bats. No I’m sad I haven’t seen a bat. Would you believe me if I said I saw a dinosaur, Elvis, and a guy eating fire?




The fire guy is the only thing that’s actually real. He was amazing and 10/10 at a show called Magic of Polynesia. The magician made a helicopter appear on stage out of nowhere (and it fit).


I won’t be able to bring 100 shells. Maybe 48. Actually I probably only found about 5.

That’s it for now. See you next week.