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Category: Personalized Learning

Personalized Learning and Competencies

In a community of academics (neighbour to a University), it is interesting to say the least when minimizing the core subjects and maximizing the core competencies. To the left is one of our favourite visuals (from Alberta) to use with…

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The Child as the Curriculum — What's the Challenge?

On the month of my son’s fifth birthday, during the 2010 Olympics, he was fascinated with countries, flags and everything Canadian (hockey at the forefront of course).  At his Montessori preschool, he pinpricked every Canadian province and territory, labelled them…

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Technology . . . A Non-Negotiable?

I have a hard time hearing that technology is simply a tool for learning as learning exists without technology.  OK. True.  But I would hazard to say that technology is a non-negotiable tool given the context of learning in today’s…

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