Principl(Ed) Podcast, Interview with Rosa Fazio, July 2020
What Parts of the New Normal Do We Want to Keep?   BCPVPA, June 2020
Q & A with Rosa Fazio, recipient of Canada’s Outstanding Principal, Spring 2019
Outstanding, BC Principal and Vice Principals Association Adminfo, Spring 2019
Focus: Learning,  BC Principals and Vice Principals Association Adminfo, February 2018
Learning Communities:  Transforming Learning, Transformative Educational Leadership Journal, May 2017
Collaboration Back to the Basics:  The Journey Between the Head and the Heart, BC Principals and Vice Principals Association Adminfo, December 2016
Building Capacity, Canadian Education Association, September 2016
Designing a School for Teacher Collaboration, Ed Can Network, October 2016
My Italian Narrative, BC Principals and Vice-Principals Association Adminfo, April 2016
Designing for Student Centered Learning, Fielding Nair International feature video, September 2015
Norma Rose Point Intro, Video, May 2015
Experts Enrich Students’ Learning Experience (Tracy Sherlock, Vancouver Sun, March 7, 2015)
iPads, iPods and SmartBoards Make Learning Fun  (Janet Steffenhagen, January 14, 2011)
No More Pencils No More Books:  Vancouver School Embraces iPads (Janet Steffenhagen, Vancouver Sun, Jan 11, 2011)
Elsie Roy Community Partnerships (Sept. 2012)
Urban Education:  Principal Rosa Fazio Embraces Downtown Culture, April 12, 2012 WE Vancouver Magazine
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