To say that I love to use Adobe Spark Video to share messages is a bit of an understatement! I’ve become a bit of an addict with almost 50 Sparks created. I love using the App or working online at http://spark.adobe.com because one doesn’t need to be a techno buff to create a message, just a bit of time and creativity.

I find that messages are better relayed through story, especially via student voice! The Sparks can also be widely shared and provide a communication platform to send a more personalized message.

In sharing sparks with parents, I send a link in advance of inviting parents to a panel discussion at school. I find that the Sparks provide a common message (enough for most families) and the panel discussion is valuable for those who want more.

Hope you are inspired by some of the more popular Sparks.

Moments that Matter  (a message to staff at the beginning of the 2016-17 school year, highlighting many important aspects of the NRP way and about human tendencies in general)

Making Your Dreams Come True — On Your Mark Get Set and Go Now (I’ve linked a favourite sitcom, Laverne and Shirley, to my educational leadership beliefs) and presented at #Edvent2018, hosted by Gabriel Pillay and Rose Pillay

Shifting to a Collaborative Mindset (the importance of collectively working together)

Communicating Student Learning NRP 2017 Update (shared with parents November 2017 prior to a Parent Advisory Council meeting)

Welcome to the 2017-18 School Year — NRP Explained A Bit  (a message shared with our parent community Sept 2017)

Show What You Know (shared at BCPVPA Issues Forum, Feb 2018)

The 7 Principles of Learning:  Student Voices (shared umpteen times over the years explaining the OECD Principles and how they are reflected at NRP)

Learning Communities:  Transforming Learning (created for the Transformative Educational Leadership Journal — over 8 minutes so you’ll need a bit of patience for all the info)

Learning Communities:  A Collaborative Mindset (featuring insights from educator Karen Chow)











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